Linking words & connecting ideas

Get your writing to flow by trying these words and phrases to link words and connect your ideas. Once you are tuned into these words, you will see them throughout academic writing.

Contrasting ideas

Comparing ideas

Sequencing ideas

However Similarly /Similar to At first/Firstly/First of all/Initially/To begin with
Nevertheless More generally Following this/Prior to this
Although Likewise Since
Alternatively Just as Smith(2001) claims…, so too does Jones (2004), who… Before continuing
On the other hand Equally Subsequently
In contrast to this In the same way Finally
Whereas Not only…but also… Lastly
While Smith (2009) claims this,studies by Jones (2008) show that… By comparison As a conclusion / In summary/ In conclusion
Unlike….,Green (2011) stresses that… In a similar study… Simultaneously

Introducing examples

Cause & effect

Adding an idea

For instance As a result Moreover / Furthermore
In particular Thus Another reason /example / aspect
In this case Consequently So
Especially significant is Therefore Indeed
As an example An effect of this is In addition / Additionally
In order to argue this Otherwise Relating to this is…
For example Hence Equally
Specifically Due to this In the same way
By way of illustration For this reason Above all
In other words This suggests that… As well

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