Cloud storage

The ‘Cloud’ is a term used to represent storage of your files at a remote location. Depending on who is providing the service, you will receive a certain amount of space for free and you can pay for more if you need it. The advantage of cloud storage is that you can access your files wherever you have internet access.

Synchronised files

File system

This file system shows 3 different cloud storage SYNC folders. Google drive, Dropbox and One Drive.

The SYNC function is available for most cloud storage systems. The provider will download a small application program onto your computer which will create a folder within your normal file folders. A complete copy of all of your cloud files will be kept on your computer in this folder. By doing this you can access your files even when you are offline.

As soon as you return to an area where you have internet access, the cloud storage app will synchronise what is stored in the cloud with what is on your computer. This also works if you update the files from another computer. For example you may go to the library, access your cloud storage through the internet and work on an assignment for a while. You save your changes back to the cloud storage. When you return home and turn on your computer, the cloud storage app will update the file in your folder to the newest version in the cloud.

Cloud security

Cloud systems are highly encrypted and the data is usually stored in more than one location. Should a physical disruption occur in one location, your data should be secure in another. Like all computer systems, there is danger of intrusion by criminals. Theft of your personal details, or destruction of your files is common a risk.

Read more about security.

Cloud storage providers

Many companies provide cloud storage to the public. The three companies identified below all provide some free storage and are integrated with our Moodle system. It is possible to share files you have stored in the cloud with other people. This allows them to view the file or if you allow it they can edit the file.


The OneDrive icon from Microsoft Office 365

Each student at Federation University has 1TB (Terra Byte) of cloud storage with Microsoft OneDrive. This is part of your Office 365 package.

Set up and use your OneDrive account.

Student OneDrive accounts have some difficulty with direct submission to Moodle. You may need to download the file to your desktop first and then submit to Moodle.

Drop Box


Drop box provides a free account with 2GB of storage.

Google Drive


Google provides account holders with 5GB of free cloud storage. To edit the files online, a new version in a Google format is created. For assignment work, download the file, edit it and then upload it again.