Video may be a format you are required to use to complete an assessment submission. There many factors to consider in creating a video.

Three components are:

  1. The type of video recorder you will use
  2. Factors you need to control to make a good video and
  3. The techniques required to edit the video

The equipment, techniques and skills used to create video are variable. The techniques you use need to be appropriate to your assessment task.

Recording equipment

Whilst a mobile phone has both a video and audio recorder built in, the quality they produce may not be sufficient for an assessment task. Consider the following:

  1. How wide a field must the camera capture ?
  2. Will you need a tripod or other support to achieve stability ?
  3. Will you need a directional microphone to capture the audio ?

Ensure you test the equipment before doing your recording. This is especially important if you will only have one shot to capture the required content.


If you want to take video in public places, you may need to have permission from property owners or the local council.

Other considerations include:

  1. Will you need props or a backdrop ?
  2. What will the ambient noise level be ? (Will it be different at the time of recording?)
  3. Do you have a clear script?


You will need editing software if the video you have captured needs adjusting in any way. This includes if you want a voice-over, or you want to remove or add other scenes or images, etc.

Whatever editing software you use, it needs to produce the file in a .mp4 format so that you can upload it to Moodle. A transcoder such as Handbrake is one way to convert a video file to .mp4 format.