Web browser

A web browser is a software application that enables you to interact with online resources. Windows machines come with Explorer or Edge and you will need to use one of these to find, download and activate other browsers such as Firefox or Google Chrome.


Firefox is one of the preferred browsers for Federation University’s systems.

Get Firefox


Mozilla provide some great instructions for how to install their Firefox browser. Select the link for your system or if you want to use a different language follow that link!

Windows Machines  

Apple Machines      

Foreign languages or even British English rather than American! (Windows or Apple)  

Apple computers come with the Safari browser and another popular browser is Google Chrome. These browsers will work with University systems most of the time but Firefox is currently the most stable with our environment.

Explorer has not been able to make some of our systems work properly and is not recommended.


Safari is Apple’s browser and should work with most university systems.


Chrome is Google’s own web browser. It works well with most university systems.


A plugin is a piece of computer code on a web page that your browser will run. Often this relates to a video image or animated picture. The plugin may be active in your browser or you may need to find and install it.

In Firefox, the plugins need to be authorised by you each time they run. This is to ensure your security against malicious code. Read Mozilla’s explanation of why and how this works. 

Check that you have the minimum IT requirements for studying online with us.