Statistical analysis software

Using statistical analysis to assist with interpretation of data is an integral part of research practice. Different software packages such as SPSS, Minitab and Excel can assist with the analysis. These packages are common in the Federation University setting.

Confirm with your lecturer, tutor or supervisor which software is best suited to your course. They may also provide detailed instructions on how to use the software for your work.

The material provided here is an introduction to the software. For more in-depth support, contact your supervisor.



Courses which use SPSS often ask students to purchase a copy of:

SPSS Statistics Version (X?)
A Practical Guide
Allen, Bennet and Heritage
ISBN: 978-0170348973

The Version Number is not super important but the closer to the most up to date the better. The Library has copies which you can view or borrow.

The above video is the first in a series by Missouri State University.


Minitab is another software package used to analyse data.

YouTube houses numerous instructional videos on Minitab. For tutorials on the latest Minitab version, go to their YouTube channel.


The software Microsoft Excel builds spreadsheets that are capable of performing many statistical functions.

The following videos provide some background knowledge and techniques for using the software.