Microsoft Outlook is the software used to provide each student with an email address for university use.

Check your email daily for important updates regarding your courses. If you prefer to use your personal email account, consider forwarding your university mail to it. That way you only need to check one account.

Access your email

To access your Federation University email account, first navigate to the University home page.

From the top of the page, hover your mouse over the Student navigation menu. You will see the Login heading, under which you can see listed Email. Click on it.

Enter your username (student number) and your password. This is the same password you use for other systems such as Moodle and Mahara.


Once you have signed in, select Outlook to access your university email account.


An online calendar can be a great tool to assist you with time management and planning. Outlook has a built-in calendar – Office 365 Calendar.

Access it by logging in to your University email account. If you cannot see Calendar, click on the All apps arrow, which will open all of the available Office 365 Apps.

Choose Calendar and you are ready to go. Read instructions on how to use Microsoft Calendar.


Read this handy helpsheet on communicating by email.